My latest purchase: matte pink lipstick.

Obviously I’m quite into my lipsticks right now. I’m currently updating some of my old makeup… I’m at the point where I’m running out of everything. Foundation, liquid eyeliner… and so on. One item I seem to keep buying, even though I DON’T need anymore… I just keep on buying. D’oh.

Anyway, this is my pretty new colour. It’s a matte pink. Not too bright, but still pretty bright. I think it suits my colouring, too. It’s from Sportsgirl, and was only $9.95! This colour is called “Catwalk Queen”. Can’t argue with the price. πŸ˜‰

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To my amazing readers…

In my new blog’s first week, it has had 429 views. Thank you SO much to my incredible readers. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and I hope you’ll keep reading.

I’m really blown away.

Lots of love,

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Bold Lipstick.

If you log in to Facebook after a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll see that all your most fashionable friends have been snapped wearing some shade of statement lipstick.

I am L.O.V.I.N.G. on the bright colours at the moment.

These are my top 3 faves right now:




Now, you may be thinking… “I don’t know if I can rock these colours!” or “How will I know if they suit my complexion?”… well, to those people I say; wear what you’re comfortable in, and what YOU think you look good in. Don’t feel trapped by what colours supposedly suit your colouring and eyes… that can be very limiting. Sure, some colours don’t look good on everyone, but don’t give up. Go to somewhere like Myer, David Jones, or even Priceline and try a few different ones. Find the one that suits you. Also, if you’re contemplating a purchase, wear it around the shops for a while. Catch your reflection wherever possible… you’ll soon decide whether you love it or hate it.

In my opinion, MAC and Napoleon Perdis do amazing lipsticks. However, they’re not cheap; you’re probably looking at around $30-$35 for a lipstick. BUT they are good quality. If you’re looking for something just to have fun with for now (and with these bright colours, they will most likely be a passing trend), then go to Priceline, and buy one not so expensive. You can still find decent ones that will serve your purpose.

On another note, I once said to my dentist; “how do I make my teeth whiter?”. He replied; “wear lipstick”.

The end.

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My latest purchase: glitter nail polish.

Loving my new glitter nail polish! This one is an Hard as Nails: Xtreme Wear’ nail polish by Sally Hansen. This particular colour is called ‘Rockstar Pink’. If you can believe it – it cost me less than $4! (Thank you Priceline!)

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My latest purchase: orange lippy.

Today I went a little crazy in Priceline. I went in for ONE glitter nail polish, and left with 2 lipsticks on top. This one is by INNOXA. It is a matte orange colour, called ‘Tangerine 120710’. The best part was, it was very cost effective, for only $14.95. Whilst MAC and Napoleon Perdis are also doing great orange colours, this one was much cheaper and looks (I think) just as good. It’s not too bright an orange, either. I really like it. πŸ™‚

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My go-to items.

Everyone has their own favourite wardrobe staples that are their go-to items and get more wear than anything else. They are the pieces you seem to wear into the ground and you always feel fabulous in.

Anyone who knows me and sees me on a regular basis will recognise many, if not all, of these items.

Here are mine…

Pictured above: Leopard Print Scarf (Sportsgirl) – This scarf has been worn that many times you wouldn’t believe. It goes with almost anything, kept me warm through Winter, and adds a little something to every outfit.

Pictured above: Chambray Shirt (Sportsgirl) – Thrown on over a plain tee or singlet, with leggings or jeans… this chambray itself is a very interesting piece, with the dark denim in different textures. It’s also oh so comfy, and will carry me right through to Summer.

Pictured above: ‘Chuck’ Boots (Wittner) – The buckles down the back of these boots are the perfect mix of chunk & chic. The heel height is perfect for basically every occasion – from shopping to a night out, they have never let me down and, as you can see, have been very well loved. What’s better; I got them on sale for only $99… bargain!

Pictured above:Β Leather Bomber Jacket (Levi Strauss) – When I bought this jacket I had no idea how much wear I’d actually get out of it. I mean, I of course convinced myself that for $300 I would wear it EVERYWHERE, but as it turns out, I literally have. It’s easily dressed up or down, going on outings to dinner, the movies, pubs, clubs.. you name it. This one certainly was an investment… and money well spent, I say!

Pictured above: Leather Studded Handbag (Zara) – This one is only new-ish to me, but since purchased a few weeks ago, it has not left my side. I love the stud detailing; I had been looking for exactly this bag for quite some time.. (I love Alexander Wang bags, but they’re ever so slightly out of my price range *sad face*)… but I cannot complain about this one. For $200, it’s leather, fits all my goodies, and looks incredible with everything. Handbags for me are one of those essentials that I don’t change over often, but when I do, I’d rather pay a little bit more and get something good quality. I got exactly what I asked for with this beauty.

Pictured above: Various Rose Gold Accessories (Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Sportsgirl, Ring: Sportsgirl) – This season I have worn to death my rose gold pieces. I wear my Michael Kors watch with everything, and those Sportsgirl bracelets are so worn that they look vintage. The ring is part of a 3 stack zig zag ring… I separate the rose gold ring because all three don’t fit on one of my fingers – I find I can’t bend my knuckle. Instead, I move it to my opposite hand, and it works very nicely with my watch. Accessories are such a great quick fix to any outfit.

The great things about my go-to items is that they are great, easy, reliable ways to throw on with a plain tee and jeans or leggings. They’re just so easy that I really don’t have to think about what I’m wearing. In a lot of ways, they’re not ‘trendy’, in that they aren’t following one particular, quickly-passing trend. This means I have been able to wear them for months without them ageing, or my look looking “so last season”. I just love them… and I know with each new piece I buy, that I will still always turn to my trusty go-to pieces.

What are your go-to pieces?

F.A.N.D. x

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OOTD: a floral dinner with friends.

Outfit File: a floral dinner with friends.

I went out for a casual dinner with a couple of guy friends tonight. I wanted to give my new pants their first proper outing.

This is what I wore…

  • Motel Japanese Cherry Print Pants (view here)
  • Levi Strauss Leather Bomber Jacket
  • Sportsgirl Black Tee
  • Zara Neon Yellow Necklace (try eBay)
  • Witchery Pom Pom Aztec Scarf

F.A.N.D. x

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