Save The Last Pinker x Fashion Addict Next Door: Week 2


My inspiration for this week’s blog post is holographic accessories. It’s just so much fun – what’s not to love? It’s also surprisingly versatile and looks fab with any metal. Any item that adds a bit of fun and excitement to an outfit is OK by me.

I chose a black dress and shoes for so many reasons; 1) It’s black, enough said. 2) They still have a little something subtle going on. 3) How better to show off your accessories? But seriously, I love everything black. Monochrome is always my go-to look, and you always get so much wear out of pieces that are black or white because you can style them so many different ways without looking like you wear the same thing all the time. Black means longevity. You WILL get your money’s worth when it comes to anything black.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “just get to the bit about that incredible piece of jewellery already!”

Ok ok, I give in. Meet the ‘Large Moon Drop Ring’ by Amber Sceats. Incredible, huh? This piece is the most perfect cocktail ring I’ve ever seen. Silver is usually my metal of choice, so straight away it ticks that box for me, because I know it will go with my other jewellery. For those of you who normally wear gold, you’re lucky! Why? Because this is the kind of ring that commands your attention, therefore you can put your gold jewellery to bed for the night and take your incredible Amber Sceats cocktail ring for a spin instead. The navy blue colour of the rough-cut druzy crystal is mesmerizing – perfect for an evening look. It’s also adjustable, which is extremely convenient for those of us who have fingers that seem to sporadically change sizes. The ‘Large Moon Drop Ring’ by Amber Sceats is an absolute showstopper and doesn’t need to be supported by any other pieces. It was made to stand alone.


Ring by Amber Sceats, dress by Seed Heritage, clutch by Hello Parry, heels by Windsor Smith


Fashion Addict Next Door x



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