About the Fashion Addict Next Door


My love for style and fashion continues to grow. Sydney style is all about cafe, beach and city strutting fun. There is nothing I enjoy more than putting together a killer outfit.

I hope you enjoy.

F.A.N.D. x


  • Blogging for my blog ‘Fashion Addict Next Door’ since July 2012
  • Guest blogger for Save The Last Pinker in April and May 2014
  • Sportsgirl Stylist since December 2012


Email: fashionaddictnextdoor@hotmail.com

Facebook:Β https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fashion-Addict-Next-Door/340344209344184

Instagram: @fashionaddictnextdoor


6 thoughts on “About the Fashion Addict Next Door

  1. Thank you, F.A.N.D. for following my blog! I appreciate it so much. And greetings from The United States! I look forward to reading more of F.A.N.D. and wish you well! xoxo Melissa

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