My latest purchase: ‘Rainbow Galaxy Swim’ by Black Milk Clothing

I have been a BM fan for yonks. When I became a fan, they had 25,000 likes on their Facebook page. Now, they have well over 250,000 likes. Which is no surprise really, considering their product is so unique and well made.

The galaxy design has become somewhat of a signature piece for Black Milk Clothing, with many imposter versions popping up all over the place. Black Milk sell online only, and their product is made in Australia. The prices are, in my opinion, very reasonable. This stunning swim set me back only $90 + $10 postage. Was it worth it? Oh hell yes. It. Is. Incredible.

I have a few of their other pieces too, which you’ll no doubt see on my blog sometime soon. πŸ™‚

Visit Black Milk Clothing here:

F.A.N.D. x

Shoppers tip: when you see something you like, buy it. These things sell out so damn quick.

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Relaxed & Loose Fit Pants.

Looking for something breezier than jeans… but not quite ready for shorts? Look no further than these stunning relaxed fit pants – perfect for Spring.


“Scarf Print Pant” – SPORTSGIRL ($99.95)


“Relaxed Pant” – SPORTSGIRL ($79.95)

available in black or cobalt


“Print Sateen Pant” – COUNTRY ROAD ($129.00)Β BUY ME


“Tapered Soft Pant” – COUNTRY ROAD ($149.00)Β BUY ME

available in peach, grey and mint


“Silky Palazzo Pant” – COUNTRY ROAD ($149.00)Β BUY ME


“Printed Gather Waist Pant” – WITCHERY ($129.95)Β BUY ME


“Long Hipster Pants” – SUPRE ($30.00)Β BUY ME


“Scarfing Around Pant” – BARDOT ($89.95)Β BUY ME


“Snake Print Pant” – BARDOT ($79.95)Β BUY ME

What do you think of this Spring trend? Will you be following?

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