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Sports Luxe.

You may have heard the term floating around.. “what is it?” you might be wondering. Sports Luxe is dressy sportswear. This includes wedge sneakers, hoodies, trackies, singlets, tees… etc. All dressed up to the nines. This trend is a tricky one to pull off. Finding the right balance between these uber-casual pieces, and dressier pieces… is key.

At the moment, I am getting most of my inspiration from Sportsgirl. They have some AMAZING pieces right now (well… always), that are so on-trend.

Here are some fool-proof outfits from Sportsgirl that will definitely help you to ROCK the Sports Luxe trend…


1. Bejewelled Peter Pan Collar – SPORTSGIRL ($29.95) view here

2. Lounge Track – SPORTSGIRL ($49.95) view here

3. Zoe Blazer – SPORTSGIRL ($109.95) view here

4. Slinky Tank – SPORTSGIRL ($49.95) view here


1. Hunter Fashion Heel – SPORTSGIRL ($69.95) view here

2. Alexa Jogger – SPORTSGIRL ($49.95) view here

3. Denim Jacket – SPORTSGIRL ($89.95) view here

4. Cropped Printed Tank – SPORTSGIRL ($29.95) view here


1. Hayley Bead Stud Necklace – SPORTSGIRL ($29.95) view here

2. Anja Legging – SPORTSGIRL ($69.95) view here

3. Spliced Tee Dress – SPORTSGIRL ($59.95) view here

4. Phoenix Fashion Heel – SPORTSGIRL ($69.95) view here

Don’t forget, the final ingredient to ‘sporting’ this look (I punned!), is your confidence. If you feel great, you will look great.

Hope you love it ladies!

F.A.N.D. x

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