Save The Last Pinker x Fashion Addict Next Door: Week 3


So I wrote this a few weeks ago but have been so flat out I haven’t had the chance to upload this on my blog! Following on from my previous post, I’m currently obsessed with black. And leather.

I’m wearing a very monochrome wardrobe at the moment and am enjoying every minute of it. This week’s post is inspired by leather. I’ve just ordered a pair of long, sexy over the knee boots which are going to be an absolute essential this Winter. I’m loving asymmetrical/origami hem skirts at the moment as well, which are the perfect friend for over the knee boots. Still on my list is an oversized winter coat in blush or grey.

The perfect jewels to wear with my winter outfit? Here:


This Pushmataaha pendant and ring are absolutely incredible. Something about the calcite feature stone reminds me of leopard print; I think it’s the combination of colours that I’m drawn to. I’m usually a silver wearer but I just couldn’t go past these 22k gold plated pieces. I can picture them being extremely versatile… wear them to work, to dinner, to cocktails, or over a plain white tee with jeans. The options are endless. I love that the necklace is on a long chain with a drop of 41cm, because I think it makes the piece more wearable and enables you to dress the piece down more easily for a casual look. I always gravitate towards necklaces on long chains because they are so chic and effortless.

However you choose to wear the ‘Nubian Pendant’ and ‘Babylon Ring’, one thing’s for sure: they are absolute winners and you need them in your life now.

with love,

Fashion Addict Next Door x